Uber driver who is in the military, shoots subjects who wanted to rob him in CDMX

(Photo: Sipse)

Two assailants tried to surprise an Uber driver, from whom they intended to steal money and the car, but they did not count on the fact that he had military training and not only defended himself, but also injured them with his charge weapon.

The C2 Oriente reported that in the Santa Marta Acatitla Norte neighborhood (CDMX), there was one person wounded by a gunshot.

The driver of the Nissan March compact vehicle, who said his name was Daniel “G” and was 48 years old, presented himself to the police as a retired captain of the Mexican Air Force.

Working for Uber, he took two men to Iztapalapa and the passengers tried to rob him violently, so he took out his gun and shot them.

One of the assailants fled, while the other, apparently a minor, was injured in his left hand and right leg and was treated at the Rubén Leñero hospital.

Meanwhile, the driver was presented to the agent of the Public Ministry, in order to determine responsibilities and prove the legal carrying of the firearm, while the other criminal managed to escape.

The Yucatan Times