These are the hurricanes that would reach Yucatan during 2022

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The 2022 Hurricane Season will begin in the Atlantic in a few days, greater cyclone activity is expected for the Yucatan Peninsula.

Although there is the possibility that a hurricane could occur in the next few days, this was ruled out by the meteorologist Juan Vázquez, however, there might be other hurricanes in the next few months.

The population must remain calm, since so far there is no presence of cyclone information, so it is better to stay informed of weather bulletins, and not be alarmed.

What would happen with the first Cyclone of the season?

The specialist explained that in the event of a Tropical Cyclone forming, it would only be a Tropical Depression or a weak Tropical Storm, and its trajectory may not necessarily be near or towards the Yucatan Peninsula, but towards Cuba.

Similarly, the expert asked the population to remain calm, since there are no cyclones formed yet, and to be aware of the official weather bulletins.

Cyclones that can reach Yucatan in 2022
Despite the fact that an active cyclone season is expected, the Yucatan Peninsula would receive 21 weather phenomena during 2022, but this has not been confirmed by meteorologists.

Tropical storms could reach the Peninsula or evolve into hurricanes, therefore, it is recommended to stay informed before becoming alarmed.

These are the names of the hurricanes that would reach Yucatan:
1. Alex
2. Bonnie
3. Colin
4. Danielle
5. Earl
6. Fiona
7. Gastón
8. Hermine
9. Ian
10. Julia
11. Karl
12. Lisa
13. Martín
14. Nicole
15. Owen
16. Paula
17. Richard
18. Shary
19. Tobías
20. Virgine
21. Walter

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