The “Conchanclas” arrived to celebrate Mother’s Day

(Photo: Excelsior)

A bakery in the city of Guadalajara launched a bread with which we can remember our childhood snacks.

The “Conchancla”, is a bread that is basically a concha with the figure of a traditional flip-flop on top.

Have you heard of the Conchancla?

Mexico has a great baking and confectionery tradition with which, in addition to enjoying a delicious moment, we laugh and remember the past.

Thus, over the years, we have found an interesting evolution in the bakery with the introduction of the Conchamuerto (a blend of Concha and Pan de Muerto), the Donchas (a blend of Conacha and donut), and other variations.

The Conchancla is a classic chocolate or vanilla Concha sweet bread topped with a traditional Mexican cookie in the shape of a flip flop.

It can be found in many colors and sizes.

Where can I buy a Conchancla?

The publication of the Conchancla is from a bakery in Guadalajara.

Specifically, it is about “Karycar homemade bread”, in Hospital Street #394, in the Centro district of Guadalajara.

The Conchancla went viral after a few minutes of the publication of photos on social media.

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