SSY reports 40 new infections by Covid in Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

From Monday 16 and until Thursday, May 19, a new vaccination campaign against Coronavirus will be held for the application of first doses to young people aged 12 to 14 from 19 municipalities in the state.

An expanded vaccination day will be implemented in Health Centers of 30 municipalities in the interior of the state and will be complemented by the work of 12 mobile vaccination units that will be deployed to visit various municipalities and police stations.

In Yucatan, the mandatory use of face masks in open spaces is withdrawn. The measure is maintained for closed spaces and public transport. It is recommended, as a preventive measure, the use of face masks in older adults, with comorbidities that put their health at risk or who present symptoms of respiratory disease.

As has been pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily admissions. Today we have 8 patients in public hospitals.

103,083 patients have already recovered: they have no symptoms and cannot be contagious. This figure represents 93% of the total registered infections, which is 110,394.

Today 40 new infections of Coronavirus were detected:

37 in Merida
1 in Progress and Uman,
And 1 foreigner.

Of the 110,394 positive cases, 767 are from another country or another state.

Specifically, in Mérida, 69,188 people infected with Coronavirus have been diagnosed (accumulated cases as of May 14), who live in:

17,842 in the North zone
16,856 in the East zone
6,574 in the downtown area
11,015 in the South zone
16,901 in the Poniente area

No deaths are reported in this medical part.

In total, there are 6,931 people who have died from the Coronavirus.

Of the active cases, 372 are stable, isolated, monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.

As already mentioned, 8 of the positive cases are in public hospitals and in total isolation. There are other patients awaiting diagnosis.

The age range of the cases is from 1 month to 107 years.

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