Residents enraged by the alleged abuse of a minor in El Cuyo

(Photo: Sipse)

Three construction workers were subdued by inhabitants of the port of El Cuyo, led by Commissioner Neydi Puc Gil, as they were accused of having abused a minor.

Even when agents of the Municipal Police of Tizimín arrived in that community to take charge of the detainees when they boarded two vans they were attacked by the residents, that wanted to lynch them.

The events occurred on May 27th, around 11:00 p.m. when agents from unit 1451 of the Tizimín Police who were conducting surveillance patrols in El Cuyo received a request for help from Commissioner Neydi Puc Gil.

The official explained that they had arrested the suspects, two of them only 18 years old, for allegedly having sexually abused a minor.

The agents asked for support from unit 447 and they took charge of the accused, but the local people threw themselves against the vehicles, hitting them with sticks, with the intention of lynching the suspects. The commissioner herself also participated in the aggression.

The detainees remained on the premises of the police station, while the affected minor was taken to the San Carlos Hospital, in Tizimín, to receive urgent care, because her condition was serious.

Municipal officials of Tizimín held an extraordinary meeting regarding the attitude of the commissioner of El Cuyo, who could be removed from office for this aggression.

Through a statement, FGE agents declared they are investigating the sexual attack against a 13-year-old girl,   and also the physical and verbal aggression of a large group of people against municipal police officers from Tizimín who were transferring the detainees to make them available to the competent authorities”.

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