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Renán Barrera seeks to attract projects from countries members of the European Community

by Yucatan Times
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“The best way to promote economic development in our city is to establish strategic alliances at the international level, which allow us to diversify the local market channels and attract new relationships with the European community, based on promoting the educational, historical, gastronomic, cultural, and tourism, since Mérida has citizen peace, quality public services, and attractive infrastructure,” assured the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha.

The Municipal President went to the Embassy of Mexico in Denmark to meet with the Head of the Foreign Ministry, Enrique Palos Soto, and José Manuel Castañeda Sánchez, in charge of Economic-Commercial Affairs and Promotion and International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry.

Renan Barrera made the formal presentation of the projects that exist in the Municipality to promote and attract more investment and tourism to Mérida.

Barrera Concha reported that among the proposals put forward is the reactivation of the orange or creative industry with an exchange of successful experiences between Latin American and European cities, with Mérida as the venue for this meeting, where the history of programs and events is addressed in different cities with a high influx of people, to find out how they overcame the challenges, what outlook they envision for this sector after the pandemic and the best way to face the health situation in the future.

“Mérida is a city that is renowned for its wide cultural offer that attracts European tourists, for which it is possible to enjoy an experience that could be similar to Copenhagen, Denmark in terms of cultural, tourist, gastronomic, commercial and sustainable mobility issues, we have common points and we can form an alliance that allows promoting the economic development of both cities”, Renan Barrera said.

The Municipal President also referred to the creation of a student exchange program that allows taking advantage of the educational infrastructure and highly qualified personnel so that the young people may have a broader experience in their corresponding professions.

In order to consolidate this proposal, both parties agreed to establish a catalog of educational institutions with their respective profiles that will allow the initiation of procedures to develop agreements, with defined requirements, so that students can study their careers or postgraduate degrees with financial support from the governments involved.

Likewise, the representatives of the Embassy extended an invitation for Mérida to join the Tianguis Turístico that takes place in that country, which will serve as a showcase to promote local commerce, the cultural offer, and, mainly, the renowned Yucatecan gastronomic traditions.

As part of this invitation, Barrera Concha presented the proposal to establish a program of activities that allows, within the framework of this tourist program, to offer a wide array of cultural events that promote Yucatecan traditions, archeology, and the culture of Yucatan, in addition, chefs will be exchanged between both cities.

“We believe that these types of events allow us to create windows of opportunity for chefs from both cities to carry out exchanges, where they can learn more about local cuisines, to share techniques and culinary innovations that further enrich European and Yucatecan cuisines”, Barrera Concha continued.

During the meeting, another aspect of gastronomy was also addressed, especially the ingredients and processes, and the difficulty that often arises in obtaining what is necessary to prepare dishes outside these regions.

In this way, Barrera Concha recalled that Rastro de Mérida has a collaboration agreement with the company Topings Norsvin from the Netherlands, which provides training to local producers, in addition to providing advice on distribution aspects.

He noted that it would be possible to establish a future agreement with that country to expand this training to include new techniques for food processing, and their distribution and open new marketing channels that allow further development of this economic sector.

Finally, both authorities established their points of agreement to start with the consolidation processes of these proposals that, in the medium term, will contribute to the economic development of Merida.

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