Progreso, Yucatan will have a floating water park in front of the International Malecón

(Photo: Sipse)

Very soon Progreso will have a new floating water park in front of the Malecón Internacional of that port.

This Thursday, May 12th, the municipal president Julián Zacarías Curi and shareholder Kevin Joseph Brady, signed an agreement to promote the Progreso Water Park.

What is the Progreso Water Park?
The cost of admission has not yet been reported, the new Progreso Water Park is a floating facility for children 7 years of age or younger, who have to be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

In the facilities, there is the main area with obstacles, monkey bars, jump components, and slides for the little ones.

There are also swings in the water and floating islands to relax on. Also, they will rent kayaks, cabins, chairs, and umbrellas.

Children from DIF Progreso programs will enter for free
During the signing of the agreement, it was reported that through the ‘For Kid’s Sake’ foundation, children and students from the DIF Progreso support programs will have free access on specific days.

Also, there will be group discounts for all schools, church groups, and civic organizations that book “excursion-type” visits to this new Progreso Water Park.

Regarding this new park, a statement indicated that approximately a year ago, Kevin Brady and his team proposed a floating water park on the Malecón Internacional, motivated by the current development in the municipality.

“Brady, with more than 35 years of experience in recreation parks, and winner of awards for his work, brought Eric Klaff into the equation, who has owned and operated a very successful floating water park, in Snelling, California; for four years, as well as other investors with extensive experience to operate this new attraction,” the statement said.

Jurassic Trail in Progress
As we reported in Progreso, a Jurassic Trail will soon open, which is located in the Chicxulub Puerto community and is also about to open its doors shortly.

The prices for this new attraction are as follows:

Children 3 to 10 years old: 100 pesos
Youth 11 to 17 years old: 150 pesos
Adults 18 years and older: 200 pesos
Foreigners: 10 dollars per person

The Yucatan Times