Progreso Marinas report an increase of up to 30 percent in port departures

(Photo: Sipse)

Yucatan commercial marinas reported an increase in activity off the coast of Progreso, due to the transit of pleasure boats, mainly on weekends.

Local port authorities announced an increase in the flow of departures of yachts and boats under their protection of approximately 30% over the last weekends during Easter compared to other times of the year.

The boats were used to sail around the port, or for sport fishing trips on the high seas.

Most of these types of vessels are concentrated in the areas of Chicxulub Puerto, Uaymitún, and Chelem, following the established protocols.

With this activity, according to Mario Esquivel Ríos, president of the Association of Marinas of Nautical Services of Yucatan A.C., various businesses benefit.

This was due to the consumption of products such as groceries, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and food from local establishments, but was also reflected in the sale of fuel and other products necessary for the operation of the machines.

More surveillance by authorities
The increase in maritime activity was confirmed by port and naval authorities, who assured that the monitoring and review of departures are carried out normally every day.

With this, the safety of the occupants and compliance with the current measures are ensured, so that the ships have the devices in case of any emergency and communications so that, if necessary, immediate support can be provided.

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