Private schools in Yucatan expect 100% attendance in face-to-face classes

(Photo: Sipse)

The Mexican Association of Private Schools of Yucatan (Amepac) estimated that after the Easter holidays it is very likely that 100 percent student attendance in classrooms can be achieved.

(Sipse).- The president of Amepac, Elías Dájer Fadel, reported that until the end of March it was thought that if a new strain did not emerge and a reduction in Covid-19 infections was observed, it was very likely that upon returning from the Easter holidays already have the total face-to-face attendance of the students in the campuses.

He highlighted that, unlike public schools, private schools have smaller groups and this allows for more personalized attention, as well as spaces with a certain distance between students.

“There is a regulation that establishes that classrooms must be ventilated, either with fans or air conditioners, but almost all schools have ventilation and therefore you can work safely with air circulation,” he noted.

He recalled that even before leaving for the Easter holidays, Amepac had no outbreaks of coronavirus cases that have merited special attention at schools, and that proves the health protocols have worked and give greater security to the students and their parents.

“It is very feasible to think that we will continue with the health protocols until the end of the school year, despite the fact that cases are already going to be reduced because they give us greater peace of mind… Amepac serves around 22,000 students,” he pointed out.

It must be remembered that until the beginning of this month, Amepac reported that just over 90 percent of students chose to return to face-to-face classes, that is, just over 20,000 students.

It is worth mentioning that as of March 22, the Secretary of Education of the State Government (Segey) updated the protocol for safe return to classes in its version 3.0,  which has ordered that all students can come to class five days a week.

Therefore, 93 percent of the students in basic education have returned to classes, 99 percent of the teachers are back in their jobs and 99.2 percent of the schools in the state are open and operating normally.

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