Photographic essay: Colombia elections, a reality not too far away from Mexico’s

No + muerte. No more killings.

Colombia will host Presidential elections this Sunday 29th May, for the first time since the mass national protests of 2021, and the global pandemic.

As election day approaches, social and political graffiti is appearing across the capital, Bogota.

Que tiemble el patriarcado. May the patriarchy tremble.

Si gana Fico me cuelgo. If Fico wins I’m going to hang myself.

‘Fico’ is the nickname for the right of center Presidential candidate, Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez.

Machine gun through dollar sign.

¿Y la Juventud? En el ataúd. And our youth? They are in coffins.

In Bogota, photos for Times Media Mexico by Theo Perl.

Times Media Mexico