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Pedestrian traffic lights in Mérida: the debate will be submitted to an open parliament

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Representatives from the PAN, PRI, and Morena political parties convene experts in roads and urban planning, as well as all the authorities involved in these issues, to give their opinion on the reform of the traffic regulations and the request for changes to the traffic lights.

(TYT).- Part of the proposal is that pedestrian signals have a red light to stop and white, not green, to give way to pedestrians. In addition, it will be submitted to an open parliament, for those who consider it and wish to give their opinion on the matter.

Yesterday in a session of the Urban Development, Housing, and Infrastructure Commission of Congress, when continuing with the analysis of the initiative in terms of pedestrian traffic lights and road safety, it was proposed to first request the opinion of two specialists and then receive the opinion of more experts, as well as expose the issue to the open parliament.

Change in the color of pedestrian traffic lights
The analysis of this initiative continues, which seeks to change the lights of the pedestrian traffic lights, in order to prevent them from continuing to cause confusion and traffic accidents in this city, because both the devices that regulate the traffic of vehicles and the pedestrian crossing work with the same colors, red to stop and green to go.

Jesús Pérez Ballote, PAN deputy, proposed that this initiative be consulted with specialists in the field of road safety in order to enrich the initiative and have expert opinions, specifically Silvana Forti Sosa and Eduardo Monsrreal Toraya, who have extensive experience in the subject and have carried out works and projects for this city. The proposal was approved.

Why an open parliament?
Rafael Echazarreta Torres, from Morena, also proposed expanding the consultation with other professionals on the subject, with councilors from Mérida, and state authorities involved in the road issue. In the same way, he requested that the open parliament be applied, for which he asked the general secretary of Congress to summon all these people for the next session.

For her part, Fabiola Loeza Novelo, deputy of the PRI, also proposed making changes to various paragraphs of this initiative to improve it, subject to the results obtained from the consultation to be carried out with the experts in the field.

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