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Ministry of Health issues epidemiological notice for cases of hepatitis in children

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After the report of the World Health Organization (WHO) of 230 cases of hepatitis of unknown origin that is affecting children under 10 years of age, the Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological notice, through the National Committee for Epidemiological Surveillance (Conave).

(Excelsior).- CONAVE Explained that so far the etiology of hepatitis cases has not been identified, but the adenovirus is the most studied hypothesis, and “there is no specific treatment for infected people.”

They reported that this adenovirus causes respiratory, ocular, urinary, gastrointestinal infections and occasionally hepatitis, and in people with immunocompromise serious conditions can develop.

In addition, the diagnosis is made through a PCR test and through culture.

“Adenovirus Non-enveloped icosahedral virus with a double-stranded DNA genome, they belong to the Adenoviridae family and are approximately 90 nm in diameter. More than 120 serotypes have been identified in different species including humans. They are classified into genotypes A-G”.

In the epidemiological notice, he explained that the forms of transmission of the adenovirus include: drops, fecal-oral, and contact.

“Sometimes the virus can be shed for a long time after a person recovers from an infection, especially among people who have weakened their immune systems.
“This virus excretion usually occurs without any symptoms, although the person can still transmit the adenovirus to other people.”

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