Micro-entrepreneurs celebrate the elimination of the use of face masks

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The president of the Merida Small Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Cardeña Licona, recognized the work of the authorities so that the pandemic is at a time when the mandatory use of face masks can be dismissed now.

The business leader pointed out that, although it is no longer mandatory, you can still see people on the street wearing a facemask, so there is talk of a culture of prevention.

“Congratulations on the removal of the mask, even so, we realize that there is a culture of the use of the mask, it is still in force, despite the fact that it was announced that it should only be used in closed spaces and on public transport, many people continue to use it”, Cardeña Licona mentioned.

He urged society to make the responsible decisions that they deem convenient and to continue taking care of themselves against COVID-19 and other diseases.

“This pandemic left us a bit instructed in the way we understand, that we always have to be taking care of our health, and continuing to use it optionally gives us many advantages,” he indicated.

Finally, the business leader said that small businesses continue to struggle with price increases for products that, although they are not part of the so-called “basic basket” (basic products), are part of the regular consumption of our local society.

“We have to continue enduring the escalation of prices, provoked among other things by prices of oil, and the wheat crisis unleashed by the war in Ukraine, among several other factors which will keep increasing the price of products in the “basic basket,” Cardeña Licona concluded.

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