Mexican Navy rescues four fishermen stranded off the coast of Celestún

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The Secretary of the Navy reported that four fishermen were rescued after being adrift in the small navigation boat “Chespi I”, their engine broke down after being hitten by a wave 63 nautical miles from its base port located in Celestún.

A large ship spotted the seamen asking for help, calling the emergency call to the IX Naval Zone based in Yucalpetén to undertake the respective rescue.

Upon the arrival of the defender-type ship, the sailors spotted only three crew members on board the ship; However, to his surprise, the fourth castaway was found twenty meters from the indicated point clinging to a buoy and crying for help.

After being rescued, the four men were taken to Celestún to seek medical assistance, because, during the rehabilitation that the rescue corps granted them based on first aid, it was recorded that the crew members suffered from dehydration and a nervous breakdown.

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