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Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera strengthens ties with the European Union

by Yucatan Times
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The European Union highlighted that Mérida is a benchmark in terms of strategic cooperation due to its willingness to develop successful programs and projects.

“The Municipality of Mérida remains a pole of attraction to forge strategic alliances with national and international organizations, due to the quality of life, the harmonious and orderly development of the city, and the compliance of citizens and authorities in their environmental and sustainable policies”, assured the Mayor, Renán Barrera Concha.

The Municipal President held a meeting this morning with the Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation in Mexico, Jean-Pierre Bou, where the first advances of the workgroups between the city of Mérida and Parma, Italy, were presented. in terms of sustainable mobility, programs to integrate into a comprehensive project that allows both cities to manage a model that benefits the population and cares for the environment.

“In the city, we work to create strategic alliances and cooperation ties to promote, as in this case, sustainable urban mobility projects, which guarantee the right to the city for all, always with a perspective of building a better future for the Municipality”, expressed the first mayor.

For his part, Jean-Pierre recognized the willingness of the Municipality to continue collaborating with the different international bodies to transform its surroundings into spaces that are friendlier to its inhabitants and the environment.

“In Mérida, there is a team of professionals and technical specialists with a true spirit of collaboration in these programs and projects, that is worthy of recognition, we have verified that same vocation since my visit when we attended the PIMUS presentation”, he recalled.
He specified that this visit mainly addressed the projects that exist in the city of Parma, Italy, and our Municipality in terms of sustainable urban mobility with the objective of green recovery within urban areas.

He indicated that the technical roundtables between Parma and Mérida will work on the issue of sustainable urban mobility for this and next year, where various exchanges of successful experiences will take place, in addition to the fact that, based on the analysis and diagnosis of these projects, they will be able to carry out adjustments that allow reaching the objective of offering a better future to the Municipality.

“In Mérida, we all have equal opportunities and we live in an environment of civic peace, with respect for human dignity, for that very reason, we have these alliances to continue building a harmonious city that respects social peace and where works and actions are planned to guarantee equitable development”, he stated.

In his intervention, Barrera Concha recalled that one of the objectives of creating the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN) was to create these programs and projects that allow an orderly and harmonious growth of the Municipality.

Likewise, it promised to continue working within the framework of strategic cooperation to achieve the objectives and goals of these comprehensive projects that will promote greater use of non-polluting vehicles, as well as create more spaces and road infrastructure so that everyone can live together in a healthy way. safe and harmonic in the city.

Within the Work Plan between the City of Mérida and the city of Parma, Italy, framed in the “International Urban And Regional Cooperation” program, which took place this month in Merida, experiences will be exchanged in terms of urban planning, management of green spaces and road infrastructure.

At the meeting, the Mérida City Council presented four strategic projects for the city: Creative City, in the area of ​​gastronomy, the voluntary local review of the 2030 Agenda, the Green Infrastructure Plan, and urban innovation projects, where it was proposed the strategic potential, the innovation of the approach and the benefits and positive impacts for the community.

Subsequently, municipal officials and members of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico met to discuss at work tables and learn about the actions that the Mérida City Council has carried out for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Julio Sauma Castillo, Secretary of Citizen Participation, presented the First Voluntary Local Review (RLV) of Mérida, where he highlights topics such as the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the 2030 Agenda, the RLV methodology, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG ) of the Mérida City Council and the findings of the RLV.

In turn, Alejandra Bolio Rojas, director of Sustainable Development, presented the topic Towards a Green Infrastructure System for Mérida, where she explained the programs of the Municipal Green Infrastructure Plan, the transversal axes of the operational framework, and the OMUNUN vision of the System.

Finally, Edgardo Bolio Arceo, director of IMPLAN, presented the objectives of this institute, its creation, and projects, and the Comprehensive Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS) Mérida 2040, Public Space Management System, Participatory Design Program, Ya’axtal, Sustainable Urban Storm Drainage Systems (SUDS), Strategic Plan for a Friendly City with the Elderly, Urban Regeneration and Housing and Urban Observatory of Mérida.

The participants in these workshops are Edgardo Sara Muelle, Deputy Leader of the Cooperation Program between the European Union and Latin America; Patrizia Marani, Head of Operational Structure, Financing and Community Policy, Parma City Council; Angela Chiari, Mobility Management Coordinator, Parma City Council; Rolando Cervi, Grupo LEN, Sustainability and Organization Area, Parma and Gabriela Echeverría Solís, Deputy Director of Tourism.

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