Mérida joins the national mourning day for victims of femicide in Mexico

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

On Wednesday, May 18th at 6:00 p.m., around 50 women united in national mourning, demanding a stop to femicides, impunity, and violence against women at the Monument to the Homeland, on iconic Paseo de Montejo, Mérida, Yucatán.


“Just a couple of days ago, there was a case of femicide in Huhí, Yucatán, and, 24 hours later, another attempted femicide was registered in San José Tecoh”, said María Eugenia Nuñez, representative of the Women’s Agenda for Substantive Equality in Yucatán (Amisy).

The doctor and activist Ligia Vera, also took the microphone to raise her voice and said: “This is the word of women and the power of all… By the signal of the 3 of 3, free us feminism from aggressors, molesters, and rapists” (Verbatim).

The demands were clear and forceful: for their human rights, especially for women and girls who have disappeared, been assaulted, raped, sexually exploited, enslaved, harassed, humiliated, and victims of femicide.

At the end of the reading of the declaration, in unison, the women added their voices to shout again and again “Not one less, not one less!”; “Today we are your voice!”.

From 2020 to date, the Citizen Observatory of Femicide in Yucatan has registered 25 femicides, women victims of the highest degree of gender-based violence, who have died in our state, these are her names:

  • Henrietta Marie Josephe Carmen
  • Gladys Leticia del Socorro V.U.
  • Ana Felicia U.M.
  • Suemy del Socorro Yam Canché
  • Ariana Yazmín C.S.
  • Irlanda C.H.
  • Fernanda Gual M.
  • Norma Yolanda A.V.
  • Ericka Anahí C.D.
  • Louis Maharani R.C.
  • Marilyn Mena Irigoyen
  • Paula M.C.
  • Enna Isabel Cutz
  • María May Che
  • María Dolores Domínguez Chan
  • María Teresa Vega Cuéllar
  • Gerly Esperanza U.M.
  • Norma Guadalupe Díaz Collí
  • Margarita N.
  • María J. Rodríguez C.
  • Arlette Ariadne Heredia Piña
  • Yazmín V.M.
  • María Canul
  • Esther Mass Polanco

The slogan “We are your voice!” resonated after each woman was named.

The event was conducted by the mother of Emma Gabriela Molina Canto, who was a victim of femicide in 2017, and the activist Lydia Laucirica Guanche.

In addition, on the stairs of the monument, 25 purple crosses could be seen, all with the name and date of the crime that ended the lives of their loved ones here in the state of Yucatan.

The Yucatan Times



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