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Merida City Council presented the 2022 Forestry Crusade “In Harmony with Nature”

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With the aim of continuing to promote more actions in favor of the environment in synergy with citizens, associations, and companies, the Mérida City Council, headed by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha, will carry out the 2022 Forestry Crusade, which will run from June 5 to July 27.

At a press conference, held this morning, the municipal secretary, Alejandro Ruz Castro, on behalf of the Municipal President, reported that this Forestry Campaign, whose motto is “In Harmony with Nature”, implies improving our relationship with the environment, understanding its value and put that value at the center of decision-making with the support of the entire society, companies, universities, associations, and civil organizations.

“With these actions, we reaffirm our commitment to nature and climate change to consolidate a sustainable municipality, based on public policies that encourage the use of clean energy, promote green spaces and citizen actions towards the environment,” he said.

“The Crusade, which will take place from June 5 to July 27, 2022, also promotes the creation of more wooded areas that help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the city’s biodiversity and temperature. In addition, offer more green areas that guarantee environmental preservation and healthy life for Meridians.

Ruz Castro recalled that the goal of the 2021-2024 administration is to plant 150,000 more trees, with the aim of making citizens aware that nature and the environment are not inexhaustible sources of resources, their protection, and rational use are necessary.

“The support and participation of 4,500 volunteers, 40 companies, 20 civil society organizations, 10 educational institutions, and 20 dependencies of the Merida City Council are expected to exceed the 114,479 trees planted during the 2018-2021 administration,” he continued.

“The annual forest campaign will allow us, with the help of the community, to plant 15,000 trees this year, seeking to strengthen more and larger green spaces in the municipality,” Ruz Castro added.

For his part, Ignacio Cejudo Valencia, treasurer of the Technical Council of Kanan Kab, recognized the work of the Mérida City Council for promoting this type of campaign hand in hand with society for the benefit of the sustainability of the Municipality.

“We know that this is not only possible when there is joint work between society and government, that is why on behalf of Kanan Kab we thank you for this opportunity that is once again offered to us and in which we will be collaborating in our nursery with 3,500 endemic trees. to sow in the public spaces of the Municipality”, he said.

In her intervention, Alejandra Bolio Rojas, director of the Sustainable Development Unit, explained that, in this ninth edition, 30 events will be held to reforest the same number of spaces with 500 trees that will be planted in each one.

She indicated that on Sunday, June 5, within the framework of World Environment Day, the 2022 Forest Crusade will begin at the Animaya Zoo and will conclude on Wednesday, July 27, in the “Las Américas” subdivision.

According to the calendar, the days of massive reforestation will be Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Bolio Rojas reported that among the species that are going to be planted are fruit trees such as citrus, currant, and sapodilla; floral tones such as pink and yellow maculí, and shaded ones such as mahogany and cedar, in order to promote biodiversity in the Municipality and achieve a recovery of native fruits.

Among the allied companies that will be participating are Kanan Kab, Fundación Bepensa, Infra del Sur, Kekén, Farmacias Yza, Hyatt Regency Mérida, Imperquimia and Cemex.

Also present at the press conference were Silvia Elena Paredes Pérez, Commissioner of the Yucatán Scouts Youth Program, and Katia Victoria Briceño, head of the Youth Department.

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