Mérida Airport: Airlines surprise passengers with arrivals ahead of schedule

(Photo: Por Esto)

“5 de Mayo”, the day of the Battle of Puebla, airlines surprised passengers at the Mérida airport, registering the arrival of five flights in advance, half an hour before their usual schedule and another between ten and fifteen minutes.

Everything indicates that the 54 flights scheduled for today, including night flights, will not record delays or cancellations and despite the fact that the long weekend of 5 de Mayo was frustrating, the occupancy level is higher than 85 percent.

The first of the three flights from Mexico City, which arrived early, was Volaris 572 at 06:30 a.m., the other two are Viva Aerobús and Aeroméxico 1100 and 820, which were early and had to land at 08:00 hours the first mentioned above and the other at 07:54 hours

The other two are the 4280 of Viva Aerobús, from Monterrey, and the 3062 of the same company from Guadalajara, which arrived at 08:05 and 08:07.

Regarding outbound flights, for now only Aeroméxico’s 821 took off at 06:00, and flight 823 at 07:35 to Mexico City. Both arrivals and departures were ahead of schedule in all cases.

The Yucatan Times

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