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Mauricio Vila inaugurates the reconstruction of 8.4 kilometers of roads

by Yucatan Times
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In this framework, he announced that in 2023 and 2024 the same amount will be applied to continue advancing the intervention on roads and he also said that this year the Kanasín market will be remodeled.

Kanasín, Yucatán, May 5, 2022.- Vila Dosal made a work tour where he delivered 180 credits to strengthen businesses for more than 2 million pesos, as well as certificates of the Social Housing program and mobility devices for low-income people with motor disabilities and inaugurated the Municipal Institute of Women of that demarcation.

With a state investment of 30 million pesos, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal led the start of construction and reconstruction work on 8.4 kilometers of streets in Kanasín, with the aim of contributing to improving the quality of life of the families of the municipality.

Within this framework, Vila Dosal announced that next year the State Government will be allocated another 30 million pesos and, in 2024, another similar amount to continue advancing in the intervention of more and more roads, while this 2022 will be rebuilding the local market.

During a work tour of this municipality, the Governor distributed 180 MicroYuc credits to strengthen businesses for more than 2 million pesos and continued with the delivery of certificates of the Social Housing program and mobility devices for people with limited motor disabilities. resources, hence Acanceh and Tecoh. Also, he inaugurated the Municipal Institute for Women of that demarcation.

In his message, the Governor called on Yucatecans to stay united and work hard, since it is the only way to give better results for the population.

Here, in Yucatan, when it comes to helping people, there are no political parties, everyone is supported equally, starting with the poorest, and we cannot let anyone from outside come to sow discord, because those of us who decide what will happen with the state we are the Yucatecans, affirmed Vila Dosal.

On the other hand, the Governor thanked the mayor for his willingness to move forward as a team, since, for a state administration to help a municipality, it needs the will and coordinated action of the council, which he has found in the current.

He pointed out that things have not always been like this, since, on previous occasions, they have only seen each other for personal interests, without opening to collaboration. “For this reason, I recognize Mayor Edwin, who has always shown his disposition and, now, we are already working in a coordinated manner with Kanasín,” he added.

Finally, he recounted the state programs and strategies that are favoring the families of this municipality, such as Impulso Escolar, scholarships for students, Doctor 24/7, Doctor at Home, support for the countryside, fishermen and farmers, Yucatán Seguro, and others.

For his part, the mayor of Kanasín, Edwin José Bojórquez Ramírez, reiterated his willingness to work as a team to bring about real change, “because we are not making this change alone, but in a coordinated manner, with the Government of Mauricio Vila and the state agencies, with the support that arrives on time and to the people who need it most.”

Likewise, he highlighted his interlocutor as an example of shoulder-to-shoulder management, with municipal authorities. “We are not going to fail and we will continue working, every day, to consolidate the change and growth of Kanasín under his mandate; he is considered the best Governor in the country for a reason,” he said.

In the Residencial Kanasín subdivision, the Governor, accompanied by the host mayor, launched the first stage of construction and reconstruction of roads, after more than 2 decades without receiving intervention of this type.

There, it was explained that these tasks will benefit 115,488 inhabitants, from 13 neighborhoods and subdivisions of said demarcation; Of the total sections to be intervened, 2.7 will be built and 5,697 reconstructed. The Government is making efforts, but the council chose the roads, after an assessment.

Regarding the reconstruction project of the Kanasín market, Vila Dosal indicated that it will be done this year, hand in hand with the City Council; It is a complete remodeling since the current one will be thrown away to build a new one. In order not to affect the tenants, they will be temporarily relocated to a nearby site, where they will have electricity, water, and adequate spaces, until the work is finished.

He also pointed out that he is aware that this city has grown a lot, along with Mérida, but it has not been very good, since, unfortunately, many governments have ignored it or seen it as spoiled, by building without order or benefits for the people; now, with the current administration, it was agreed to improve.

For his part, the director of the Highway Infrastructure Institute (Incay), Felipe Alberto Canul Moguel, explained that the works will consist of compacted earthworks, a 15-centimeter-thick sub-base, a 3-gauge asphalt concrete folder, asphalt emulsion for impregnation, irrigation stopper and storm drain.

The neighborhoods and subdivisions that will benefit are sections of the center, Rinconada, Encinos II, San Pedro Noh Pat, Cuauhtémoc, Pablo Moreno, Roble San Pedro, CROC, Vivah, Residencial 2, Francisco Villa, San Camilo, and Reparto Granjas, chosen prioritizing roads main and transport circuits.

Together with the head of the Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche, the Governor distributed the Social Housing certificates, a scheme that aims to improve the quality of life of families, through decent homes and spaces.

Regarding the mobility devices for people who need it most that Vila Dosal delivered this afternoon to people with motor disabilities, it was specified that there were a total of 58 pieces, of which 37 arrived in Kanasín: 32 chairs, 2 walkers, the same number of canes and 1 pair of crutches.

In addition, 14 for Acanceh, with 5 chairs, 2 walkers, 6 canes, and 1 crutch, while in Tecoh, there were 7: 3 chairs, 2 walkers, and 1 of the others. On the other hand, through MicroYuc Social, 44 municipalities benefited from 180 credits, for which more than 2 million pesos were allocated.

With the Entrepreneurs aspect of this strategy, Midelvina Bote Bolio, owner of El Angelito de Kanasín, dedicated to the production of natural ice creams and popsicles, received a credit of 90,000 pesos, to acquire a packing machine that will grow your business. and facilitate processes.

As part of his work tour, the Governor cut the inaugural ribbon of the Municipal Institute for Women, where adolescents, girls, and other inhabitants of this town can receive care, with psychological, legal, and social advice, if required.

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