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Man injured in hunting accident in Tetiz, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The veteran countrymen used to say that the mountain is sacred, just as it provides, it also takes its toll if you overdo it, such as the case of two friends who went hunting, but one of them ended up being mistaken for a deer to end up badly injured in mountains of this municipality.

Tetiz native Cruz Alejandro Baas Chan, 41, ended up injured on land in this Poniente region.

Cruz, together with his father Florentino Baas Poot, 66 years old, invited his friend Juan Canul Novelo, 49 years old (alias “Uraña”) to go hunting on Saturday, April 30th.

However, Uraña, a native of Hunucmá, and living in this town, works as a butcher, and well, he did not want to go. So after insisting so much, Juan finally accepted.

The three went into the bush and began to walk when Uraña got separated from the father and his son.

It was then that after a while they heard the detonation of a shotgun, which made Cruz put his hands to his neck where he felt pain and then began to shed blood on his face. Given this, the injured man was immediately transferred by the other two men to their home on Calle 9 between 20 and 22 in this community, where two ambulances arrived in a matter of minutes, agents of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as uniformed Police officers.

Municipal Police cordoned off the area while waiting for FGE personnel based in Hunucmá for the pertinent investigations.

Uraña, presumed responsible for the gunshot, had no choice but to present himself to the Comandancia and hand over the weapon to tell the agents that everything was a “confusion.” However, the authorities would be in charge of the demarcation of responsibilities. The state of health of the forty-year-old is unknown, who, upon receiving the impact of the pellets, bounced off the bone at the level of his left shoulder, piercing part of his face and throat.

It should be noted that several years ago the younger brother of the Baas Chan family was involved in a similar incident when he was hunting near Kinchil, on that occasion, the man accidentally shot himself on the foot.

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1 comment

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