Great vaquería is carried out in Kanasín in honor of San Isidro Labrador

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

With the start of the great vaquería, the traditional festivities began in honor of the patron saint of Kanasín, San Isidro Labrador, an event in which Mayor Edwin Bojórquez Ramírez crowned Ambassador Reyna Baas. The president of the DIF Kanasín, Raquel Balam Rocha de Bojórquez, was in charge of imposing the band on the Kanasinense sovereign.

The great dairy served as a framework for all those present, including the municipal authorities, who proudly wore the traditional Yucatecan clothing for the occasion.

In his intervention, the mayor of Kanasin highlighted the importance of always remembering “our roots and traditions that characterize us. Today is a day to celebrate and to feel proud of being from Kanasín and Yucatán.”

“It is an enormous responsibility that we have and we all have the commitment to promote and spread all the beauty that Kanasín has for all Yucatecans,” he said.

“Today I not only represent the people of Kanasín, but also the youth of this beautiful municipality who want and are doing things to change and grant peace and harmony to all families,” said Reyna Baas, ambassador of the dairy.

With the dairy, a weekend full of celebrations began for Kanasinenses, since May 14, a concert by recording artist “Paleto” and his musical group took place, and on Sunday, the Spectacular closure was held with the Panucho Fair.

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