German company Preh to open Engineering Development Center of the Southeast of Mexico

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A cutting-edge center in automotive technology will be installed in Yucatan to generate an important source of quality jobs for the benefit of the state.

-In the medium term, 300 well-paid jobs will be created in high-tech engineering, in software and hardware design for all types of electrical devices for electric and autonomous vehicles, which will mean taking advantage of the great young Yucatecan talent.

(Bad Neustadt, Germany), After several efforts that began last year and as a result of the strong promotion of the state as a destination for investments, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal managed to finalize the installation of the first Center for Yucatan Development of Engineering of the Southeast of Mexico, after signing a letter of intent with the president of the German company Preh, Nick Lontscharitsch.

“This important project will trigger the economic and technological development of our state”, said governor Mauricio Vila.

It should be remembered that, in order to bring this company to the state, Vila Dosal began efforts in October 2021 when he made a trip to Germany, for the first time, to present the competitive advantages that Yucatan has. Later, in November of the same year, the Governor received the directors of this company in Yucatan to reaffirm his interest in opening businesses in the state.

Vila Dosal and the president of Preh, Nick Lontscharitsch, signed the document to undertake this project that will trigger the development of the state with the generation, in the medium term, of 300 well-paid jobs in the area of ​​high technology engineering and design of software and hardware, which will mean taking advantage of the great talent of young Yucatecans so that they can actively participate in the economic growth of the state.

This achievement means that the future of the automotive industry is in the hands of new generations of Yucatecan engineers who can obtain increasingly better-paid jobs, working at the forefront of this sector, which is one of the fastest-growing worldwide. 

Accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, the president Nick Lontscharitsch, the CEO, Zhengxin Cai, and the company’s chief financial officer, Rui Marques Dias, Vila Dosal toured the facilities of the company that is part of a supply chain of the automotive branch serving clients such as BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce, Ford, Lincoln, Tesla, General Motors and VW.

In this framework, the Governor explained that the installation of this avant-garde center in automotive technology will contribute to economic growth in an important way by generating specific direct jobs in the area of ​​automotive product design, for which it will represent a great area of ​​opportunity, generating employment for young graduates in areas such as software engineers, automotive product testers, and hardware engineers, all Yucatecan professionals.

Preh is a German company with Chinese capital with more than 30 years in the automotive industry and more than one hundred years of existence, with a presence in more than 100 locations in 30 countries, it has a workforce of more than 50 thousand employees worldwide. and is one of the 30 largest companies worldwide in the automotive supply chain with sales greater than 9 billion US dollars per year.

A highlight of this project is that it focuses on designers of artificial intelligence and electronics to be applied in advanced new generation vehicles, and this means high-level jobs for professionals in cybernetic and electronic engineering, positioning Yucatan as a pole of technological development nationwide.

During his tour of the Preh facilities, the Governor learned about manufacturing processes, as well as the design, production, and distribution of automotive components, climate control systems, driver control systems, sensors, and electronic control units.

This company has 4 divisions: Preh-Joyson, Navigation Systems, A/C Controls Equipment, and Dashboard Controller Systems. Preh was founded in Bad Neustadt a der Saale, Bavaria region in 1919, however, it was not until 1988 that it entered the field of automotive electronics, offering products such as mechanical and electronic heating and air conditioning systems, controls for the first onboard and potentiometric sensors to control the position of the throttle valve.

As a result of the Governor’s efforts, Preh joins the list of local, national, and international companies that continue to decide on Yucatan to develop their projects convinced by its competitive advantages such as the security that prevails in the state, quality labor, legal certainty and quality of life. 

The presence of this company in Yucatan is going to create great job opportunities for specialists in mechatronics and engineering, who will not have to migrate to other countries to find quality jobs, and they will be able to be part of the technological advance of their own state.

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