Fatal accidents involving motorcyclists increase in Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Freddy Cetina Amaya, leader of the “Moto Club Tribu Sin Ley”, announced that the cases of motorcyclist deaths have increased in recent years, and so far in 2022 alone, there are already 26 people who have died in the state.

“The number of motorcycle accidents has increased, we have 26 deaths to date, so far this year. The last tragic accident involved a member of our Moto Club”, he mentioned.

The Moto Club recently signed an agreement with the Teletón children’s rehabilitation center so that motorcyclists who get into accidents can have access to low-cost therapies.

Likewise, he reported that those who suffer the most from road accidents are those who use motorcycles as work tools.

“It is an alarming issue, but this approach to care for the people, with the CRIT and with low-income motorcyclists, who use motorcycles to make a living, are the most affected,” he said.

The leader of the  Moto Club Tribu Sin Ley” pointed out that more road culture is needed so that accidents on Yucatecan roads can be prevented.

“Mérida has grown in motorcycles, it has grown in automobiles, and I believe that the roads are not adequate for such an increase in the number of motorized vehicles, that is obviously going to have repercussions, but there is also another issue, a great deal of effort is needed from all of us, we need to create awareness, and road culture”, Freddy Cetina Amaya concluded.

The Yucatan Times