Debanhi suffered sexual abuse before she died, reveals new autopsy

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The case of Debanhi Escobar takes a new turn: the results of a new autopsy requested by the family reveal that the 18-year-old suffered sexual abuse before being murdered.

The results of the forensic report, revealed on May 12, 2022, by the Spanish newspaper El País, is not only a review of the first autopsy released by the authorities but also debunks the hypothesis that Debanhi Escobar died of an accident.

The young woman disappeared on April 9 and her body was found inside a water tank on April 21.

Since that day, the case provoked a national mobilization demanding answers, especially due to the contradictions and omissions of the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office in handling the crime.

The new opinion, made at the request of her parents, reveals that:

Debhani “was hit several times with a blunt agent in the head and died before reaching the bottom water tank. It is a violent homicidal death.”

In addition, her corpse presented traces of violent sexual intercourse.

This new autopsy, on which the authorities have not yet ruled, was requested by the young woman’s father, Mario Escobar, on April 25.

The text explains that:

“The body shows traces of a recent, violent, vaginal sexual rape. This is deduced from having found violaceous ecchymoses and bruises in the outer area of ​​the victim’s genitals”.

In a video posted on YouTube, Debanhi Escobar’s father spoke about the new information revealed about his daughter’s case.

In the video, Mario Escobar said that he is disappointed in the actions of the authorities and that the new ruling “demonstrates” that the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office did not do its job.

Debanhi’s father demanded a purge in the Prosecutor’s Office, stating that there are people who are profiting from the case, he did not elaborate on the matter.

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