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Backstreet Boys and Gwen Stefany’s performances at the Tecate Emblema Fest were a huge success

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This Friday, May 13, Backstreet Boys performed at the Tecate Emblema festival, and their presentation was a huge success at the Tecate Stage. And then, on Saturday, another great artist took on stage, Gwen Stefany.

It was in the 90s when one of the most emblematic pop groups was born: the Backstreet Boys made up of A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Luttrell, Nick Carter, and Kevin Richardson.

Their first album was named after the band and achieved tremendous success. There were songs like “We’ve Got It Goin’ On”, “Anywhere with you”, “Get Down (You’re the One for Me)”, and “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”.

On their second album, “Backstreet’s back” they came up with a series of songs that ended up being immortalized by the public, including “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, featuring a video of a mansion where a bizarre costume party is taking place. This video, uploaded to YouTube in 2011, has more than 378 million views.

The success of their songs made them one of the best-selling bands worldwide. They have sold more than 110 million copies.

When they were active back in the 90s, they came to Mexico a couple of times and also attended the most popular Mexican TV program at that time: “Otro Rollo”, hosted by Adal Ramones.

His album “Millennium”, released in 1999, also broke several sales records, including “Want It That Way”, which is one of the best-selling albums worldwide.

But the truth is that with the arrival of 2000 the problems between the members of the band began to become evident, because Nick also wanted to start his solo career, and in fact, they sued for almost one hundred million dollars to promote Nick’s solo album to group expense.


In 2002, the group split up and Nick Carter began his solo career. All the weight of fame, travel, music, and power, led some of its members to experience complex situations of addiction, as in the case of Jean McLean, who in 2003 in an interview with Oprah spoke about his drug addictions. There, his friends from the group reiterated their support.

In 2004 they entered the studio again and that was when they came back to Mexico as part of their tour.

Since then, the band has not completely disappeared. In 2018, they celebrated their 25-year career with a new album “DNA” and the following year they were nominated for a Grammy. In 2019 they also went to Viña del Mar, where tickets sold out in an hour.


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