Areas of Mérida with noise pollution

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

For 15 years, the Historic Center of the Yucatecan capital has been changing from being a residential area to being a commercial area and housing for foreigners, where noise pollution is a reality, and the authorities have already detected the noisiest areas in Mérida, and most of them are located in downtown.

The Mérida City Council already has a regulation to avoid noise and seeks to comply with it, from January to date it has carried out 106 verifications of excessive noise reports.

Likewise, 56 visits and 16 suspensions have been generated between workshops, restaurants, bars, etc., in various parts of the city.

The reports arrive on “Citizen Wednesdays” or by Ayuntatel and are dealt with in a maximum time of 15 days.

It should be noted that any establishment that violates the limit established by the Official Mexican Standard could receive sanctions such as the temporary suspension of activities or a fine ranging from 27,000 to 150,000 pesos, depending on the degree of recidivism.

List of the noisiest areas in the Center of Mérida

Below we present the list of the areas with the highest noise pollution in the Center of Mérida:

Market area “Lucas de Gálvez” and “San Benito”
Hidalgo Park (59th Street with 60)
Crossing 65th and 64th streets
Post office area (56th street with 65)
Venadito corner (67th and 58th streets)
Corner of 63 with 64 (Nuns)
Corner of 58 with 61 (backs of the Cathedral)
Santa Ana Park (47th and 60th streets)
Corner of 71st and 56th streets, near the “San Benito” market
Corner of Calle 60 with 55 (Santa Lucía)

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