After five days of missing, a senior citizen is found dead in Chemax

(Photo: Sipse)

After almost a week that the disappearance of Laureano “N”, 73 years old, was reported, it was announced that unfortunately, he was found lifeless and in an advanced state of putrefaction.

On Wednesday, May 25th, agents of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the Municipal Police found Don Laureano’s body during a search operation in a vacant lot, located on Calle 32, between 21 and 13 of the San Francisco Neighborhood, in the town of Chemax, Yucatán.

It is known that the senior citizen left his house on Friday, May 19th, and as the hours passed his relatives became concerned as they did not know of his whereabouts.

That same day they notified the authorities in Chemax, so police officers, relatives, and neighbors began a search operation in the area.

After five days, his lifeless body was found.

The place was cordoned off by state and municipal police until Semefo personnel arrived for the legal proceedings.

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