A man sees his injured son and suffers a fatal heart attack in Oxkutzcab

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

On Wednesday Eufracio “N”, 44, lost his life in Oxkutzcab due to the strong shock he suffered when he arrived at the site where his youngest son had a motorcycle accident.

According to preliminary information, the events occurred when Santiago “N”, 54, was traveling on 36th Street and upon reaching the intersection with 47th Street, he was hit by a motorcycle that was driven by the 17-year-old minor, J.F.B.Ch. who was traveling in the opposite direction?

After the strong impact, witnesses informed the father of the minor J.F.B.Ch., that his son had an accident, and upon arriving at the scene, Mr. Eufracio fainted from shock.

Paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) treated the motorcyclists, and don Eufracio, who fainted, for which he was transferred to the IMSS hospital in Oxkutzcab, where he later died of a sudden heart attack.

RIP Don Eufracio.

TYT Newsroom