A culture of collaboration is the key to improving the education in Yucatecan rural communities

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The participation of society is key to building a comprehensive education, which favors equal opportunities for educational communities, that is the reason for the Municipal Councils for School Participation in Education.

(TYT).- The theater of the city of Valladolid, José María Iturralde Traconis, was the venue for the swearing-in of the 12 councils of the region, in a ceremony headed by the Secretary of Education of the Government of the State of Yucatan, Liborio Vidal Aguilar.

Representatives from Cuncunul, Chichimilá, Tekom, Tinum, Chemax, Dzitás, Kahua, Quintana Roo, Tixcacalcupul, Uayma, Temozón, and Valladolid were present at the event, and as witnesses, the federal deputy of district I, Sergio Chalé Cauich; the local deputy of the XI district, Luis Fernández Vidal, as well as educational authorities, mayors, union leaders, teachers, and parents.

Liborio Vidal said that quality education is possible with a participatory community that takes the necessary steps and works in collaboration with the authorities in actions that raise educational excellence and promote equal opportunities for Basic Education centers.

“A better future for our girls and boys is everyone’s responsibility, and on this path the Yucatecan teachers are very important, they are the guides and trainers of the students who will be citizens committed to their environment and society,” he added.

The technical secretary of the Segey, Francisco Javier Chimal Kuk, explained that these organizations operate in a coordinated manner with the parents’ associations, teachers, educational authorities, and the municipal officials of each of the municipalities that make up the region.

To date, 47 Municipal School Participation Councils have been installed in Yucatan. Valladolid is the third regional headquarters where they are installed, previously it was held in Motul and Ticul, with the participation of 13 and 22 municipal representatives, respectively.

The municipal president of Valladolid, Alfredo Fernández Arceo, expressed his support and commitment to joining the actions to work for equity and educational quality.

The protocol act was also accompanied by the general director of Basic Education, Linda Basto Ávila; the general director of Educational Development and Regional Management, Leonel Escalante Aguilar; the director of Regional Services, Maricela Arceo Vivas and the coordinator of the State Unit for Social Participation in Education, Violeta Real Pinelo.

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