Yucatan with the lowest rate of crimes against women nationwide

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As a result of teamwork between the State Government and the different sectors of the population, to promote safer environments, a better quality of life for women, and full access to their rights, during the first quarter of 2022, Yucatan ranked first with the lowest incidence of crimes against women, registering a rate of 1.19 crimes per 100,000 women, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

This rate is significantly lower than the national rate of 40.5 crimes and represents a 77% reduction in the total number of cases registered in the period compared to 2021, according to the report from January to March 2022.

Given these indicators, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal assured that even though the incidence of these crimes in the state is lower than in the rest of the country, the guard will not be lowered and the coordinated work between the Secretariat for Women (Semujeres ), public security agencies and civil society will continue strengthening all actions and programs aimed at the benefit of Yucatecan women.

The federal agency reported that, in the same period, Yucatan ranked first with the lowest incidence of crimes against women such as intentional homicides, kidnappings, extortion, human trafficking, and corruption of minors by registering zero cases in all categories.

Likewise, the state was positioned in second place with the lowest incidence of intentional injuries, registering a rate of 0.26 injuries per 100,000 women, and in fourth place with the lowest incidence of femicides, registering a rate of 0.09 femicides per 100,000 women, a rate more than four times lower than the national average of 0.35 crimes.

To combat gender-based violence head-on, from January to March of this year, Semujeres, through its 30 Violeta Regional Centers, has offered 5,746 comprehensive legal, psychological, and social work services to 2,412 women.

As a result of the increase in the promotion of the complaint and the strategies for disseminating the comprehensive services of Semujeres, in the first quarter of 2022 the services provided to women in a timely manner have increased by 817 percent in relation to the same time period, but in 2021.

“The message is clear: women have our full support. We understand that gender-based violence is a very worrying issue at the national level, but in Yucatan, we will continue to work hard to be that support that women require to break the cycle of violence,” said María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, head of Semujeres.

She pointed out that as a result of the implementation of the Violet Brigades, more women are aware of the comprehensive and free violence prevention and care services provided through the Violet Regional Centers and therefore come to request help, finding in Semujeres a helping hand to promote their comprehensive well-being.

“Coming here has helped me leave fear behind. Since I came the first time, they were very helpful, the lawyer is always looking out for me to support me and with the psychologist I have learned to value myself more, to be well with my emotions”, assured M. S. P. U., a user of Semujeres.

As part of the multidisciplinary actions for comprehensive care, 1,543 legal care services were offered; 1503, social work and 1254, psychological care.

L. R. C. T., a user of one of the Violeta Regional Centers, pointed out that due to a situation of family violence she sought support at Semujeres “I come for legal and psychological care. The service has been very good, they have advised me very well and thanks to the psychological care I have improved since I came the first time”, she indicated.

Regarding the promotion of autonomy and empowerment of women, in this first quarter of the year, 63 workshops were held in Chankom, Halachó, Espita, Mayapán, Dzemul, Panabá, Quintana Roo, Sotuta, Tixcacalcupul, Peto, Tahdziú and Dzilam from Brave. Among the topics addressed were: personal empowerment, human rights, learning to save, women’s perceptions of romantic love, conscious eating, how to digitize a business, teamwork, agriculture workshop, reading and writing, women and sorority, among others. others.

“When it comes to empowering women, we will not back down. We are convinced that women are the growth engine of our State. For this reason, we will continue to work hard to provide them with free training and workshops to promote their economic independence,” added Castillo Espinosa.

Regarding the actions for the undertaking productive projects, 18 workshops were given in Chacsinkín, Motul, Mérida, Oxkutzcab, Tixméhuac, Maní, Sanahcat, Tahmek, Tzucacab, Umán, Mocochá, and Hunucmá.

To continue promoting the link with the business sector and promote safer workspaces free of violence against women, 12 workshops were held for the personnel of companies such as Marca Prefabricados Mérida, ACD Desarrollos, Izzi, Mobility ADO, Mexican Association of Professionals Real estate agents and the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC).

Likewise, to prevent violence, situations of risk, and pregnancies among the adolescent population, 35 forums have been held for the construction of peace, film forums, workshops, and informative talks in secondary schools, high schools, universities, municipal institutes for women, and organizations of the civil society of 16 municipalities.

As part of the strategic actions for the comprehensive well-being of the sector and the prevention of gender-based violence throughout the territory, Semujeres continues to redouble its coordinated work with the 106 municipalities through training for the heads of the Women’s Municipal Instances.

Finally, to create and implement the work plans of the gender equality units of the State Government, as well as to establish synergies to promote the mainstreaming of the gender perspective, the First Meeting of the Network of Heads of the Units of Gender Equality in which representatives of 40 dependencies participated.

With these actions, the State Government through the Secretariat for Women continues to advance in actions in favor of women, the engine of development in Yucatan.

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