Yucatan to host the most important Aquaculture Congress in the world

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

As part of the promotional actions carried out by the state government to attract visitors and generate jobs, Yucatan will host the Congress of the World Aquaculture Society 2022, with the participation of more than 2,500 experts and investors from different parts of the world.

(TYT) Mérida, Yucatán.- In Congress, the State Government will allocate a space where Yucatecan producers can participate and have appointments and business meetings with investors to promote aquaculture in the state.

Once again, Yucatán is placed before the eyes of the world by hosting the meeting of the World Aquaculture Society 2022, the most important Congress in the world on this matter and which will turn Merida into the World Capital of Aquaculture from May 24 to 27 and will attract more than 2,500 experts and investors from different parts of the world to the “White City” who will contribute to the local economic reactivation.

Giving details about this important event that will take place at the Yucatan International Congress Center (CIC), the president of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), Antonio Garza de Yta, thanked and congratulated the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal for his vision and interest in promoting aquaculture in a sustainable way in the state and making this meeting possible in which there will be presentations, workshops, work meetings, commercial exhibition, art gallery, technical visits to farms and plants across the region, as well as events dedicated to the construction of professional networks.

“In 2022, a total of 55% of all fish, crustaceans, and mollusks consumed worldwide will come from aquaculture, that is, it is the sector with the highest growth in primary production in the world and it is estimated that in the future it may exceed others such as livestock since its process is carried out in a sustainable way and we believe that we can give it that push that Mexico needs to grow in this activity, so from Yucatan, we are going to promote and boost this important activity all across Mexico,” Garza de Yta said.

For her part, the person in charge of the Yucatán Meetings General Directorate, Virginia Arana Pérez, pointed out that the attraction of this type of event to our destination will significantly benefit the Yucatan economy with the assistance of more than 2,500 convention travelers that will be served with accommodations, food & drink and more, which undoubtedly helps us to reactivate the state in this type of tourism,” Arana Perez stated.

When taking the floor the head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture of Yucatan (Sepasy), Rafael Combaluzier Medina, pointed out that for the State Government it is important to be at the forefront, as aquaculture is not just the future but the present, and Yucatan has great potential as it has almost 400 kilometers of coastline, water, underground rivers throughout the state, with a great possibility of having farms of various types of marine species.

“This Aquaculture Summit is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with the best in the world, this could mean a turning point for the Peninsula and for the entire country and Yucatan is proud to say that the state has been chosen as a safe place for investment and of course, to potentiate this activity in the region, for the benefit of workers all along the Yucatan coast, “said the state official.

In this framework, the head of Sepasy recalled that since 2019 the Secretariat has been working on the cultivation of marine species, and currently, there are 126 aquaculture units where species such as crab, tilapia, shrimp, oyster, Australian lobster are produced. and seaweed; The largest unit has the capacity to produce a thousand tons of tilapia a year, and the unit is constantly working on training and modernizing its personnel and its units so that they are self-sustaining.

It was detailed that the State Government will allocate a space in the Commercial Fair where local producers will be able to offer their products and have access to business appointments and meetings with the different investors that come in search of investing their capital, to spread this activity in the state.

For the first time since these types of meetings are held, there will be an Investment Forum to promote the aquaculture activities that are being carried out in Mexico, and in this way, attract investment to Yucatan; Panels of experts will be developed worldwide, 6 sessions organized by the United Nations Organization (UN), 4 keynote and plenary conferences on the most important points of aquaculture such as the cultivation of seaweed that can be the source of food for all cattle; marine and terrestrial sustainability through food and planning to achieve sustainable aquaculture and the importance of professional associations in the future of aquaculture.

Also, in an unprecedented way, a Trade Fair will be held with more than 2 thousand participants, which will be the soul of this meeting with more than 80 stands for the sample and offer of products, in which companies from different parts of the world will participate.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other international organizations will participate, with the aim of exchanging knowledge, technology, innovation and forming a network of professionals on issues such as aquaculture health, nutrition, food, genetics, production systems, innovation and sessions focused on the cultivation of species such as shrimp, tilapia and marine fish. The World Aquaculture Society is the world’s largest organization of professionals in the field, with members from more than 100 countries.

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