Woman in Kinchil alerts authorities about a ‘crocodile’ in her home, it was a huge iguana

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

In an interval of 24 hours, two curious cases occurred and precisely in homes in the same neighborhood of this town.

The first report was made by Mrs. Leydi Cua, who has her home on Calle 24 of the Japay neighborhood, she was asking for help from her friends on social networks, claiming that there was a crocodile inside her well, then she called the police, so when the police officers arrived, they saw the iguana and requested the firefighters to rescue the animal.

And it was a reptile indeed, but not a croc but a huge iguana. Therefore, the state elements proceeded to release in the mountains of this region.

And also in Kinchil, on Friday afternoon, around 3:00 p.m., help was requested, because on 11th Street of the same neighborhood a house was on fire.

When the firefighters from unit 843 of the SSP arrived, the fire was already extinguished and it was garbage, apparently, tires that someone set on fire very close to said property.

They had no choice but to return to their base in the center of Kinchil. It should be noted that there were two different calls to the emergency numbers insisting that a house was on fire, but in the end, it was a false alarm.

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