With a massive influx of visitors, the Easter holidays conclude in Progreso, Yucatan

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The last Sunday of the Easter holidays in Yucatan was favorable for Progreso businesses, due to the good number of visitors who arrived at that port, closing a holiday season of great economic benefit for the area.

The last day of the holidays did not disappoint local businesses, as approximately 10 thousand people. visited the boardwalk.

Good sales in Progreso
According to the tourist merchants of the place, such as Vicente Solís, dedicated to the sale of coconuts and products derived from this product, throughout the entire holiday season, their sales rates have been above normal in relation to the same period in other years.

He indicated that the spring vacation period of 2022 is one of the best in recent years, even in pre-pandemic times, meaning a good opportunity for the owners of the establishments to achieve economic recovery in their businesses, which could be reflected in the coming months.

According to the Municipal Directorate of Tourism, it is estimated that this season the port has accommodated more than 350,000 tourists on the beaches of Progreso and its coastal communities, which unfortunately had also meant a higher rate of accidents and detainees, as well as more, garbage, waste, and pollution in the area.

The Yucatan Times