Valladolid showing better numbers than Mérida in terms of hotel occupancy

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

The Mexican Association of Hotels of Yucatan (AMHY) reported that during February 2022, the capital of Yucatan was not the one with the highest occupancy rate, but Valladolid with 66.35 percent, followed by Izamal with 54.33, Merida with 47, beach destinations with 36.51 and Chichen Itza with 34.21 percent.

AMHY’s current outlook shows that February reached 48 percent average hotel occupancy, with data from the 61 affiliated lodging sites in Merida, averaging 4,287 occupied rooms, or 47 percent.

The president of the association, Juan José Martín Pacheco, highlighted that in that same month, but in 2021, the occupation barely reached 24.45 percent, so, together with the epidemiological traffic light and the security it provides, 48 ​​percent of this February 2022 offers good expectations for the next holiday period.

Both the AMHY and the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco) expect Holy Week and Easter (from April 8 to 24) with encouraging spillovers, after two years of seeing these dates stopped due to the contingency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. coronavirus.

“Due to the conditions of the epidemiological traffic light and the progress in the reinforcement of the vaccines against the coronavirus, a greater influx of visitors will be observed in the main destinations of Yucatan, mainly on the beaches and colonial cities. “

“Today, we see that the tourism sector has begun to pick up, and that is good news, because as more visitors, nationals, and foreigners arrive, the occupancy of hotel rooms increases, with benefits not only for those businesses but for others linked to this activity, such as handicraft stores, restaurants, tour operators, car rental companies, among others, which makes the spill reach all destinations in Yucatan.”

Martín Pacheco indicated that for this year’s statistics they expanded the number of hotels for sampling; In 2021, Mérida contemplated 53 hotels and this time 61, and in the interior of the state they went from 24 to 29 hotels, with 90 in total and 4 thousand 952 rooms in this 2022, while in 2021 there were 77 hotels and 4 thousand 381 rooms.

The Canaco Servytur also looks optimistically at these dates, as they expect to reach a spill of 1,200 million pesos, also taking 2019 as a reference, when they had a similar figure.

The prediction is expected thanks to the conditions of mobility and capacity in the businesses that the epidemiological traffic light allows in green color at 100 percent of the capacity; Iván Rodríguez Gasque, president of Canaco, highlighted that hotels, restaurants, craft shops, taxi drivers, travel agencies, car rental companies, airlines and truck companies, as well as tourist guides, among others, have a good outlook.

Well, his chamber estimates that hotels will reach 85 percent occupancy, considering reservations already made and assured that businesses are ready to receive visitors in different destinations in Yucatan, contemplating 80 percent local and 20 percent from abroad.

“When the restrictions on mobility and capacity in the country are lifted, as well as the progress in the reinforcement of the coronavirus vaccine, many Mexicans who had not left their place of origin for fear of getting sick, in this holiday period will look for some destination to walk or rest”.

The largest number of tourists, he said, is expected on beach destinations, Merida, Valladolid, Izamal, as well as in cenotes and archaeological sites.

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