Under the influence of alcohol, people fight in Progreso, Yucatan

(Photo: Lainoticias)

On Friday, April 15th in which many passers-by consumed large amounts of alcoholic beverages, ended with lawsuits between drunken visitors on the boardwalk beach, and at least a dozen were arrested and spent the night behind bars.

During the Easter holidays, the boardwalk of Progreso hosts hundreds of visitors who drink large amounts of beer and other alcoholic beverages under the palapas and umbrellas.

And precisely under the influence of alcohol, a group of drunken visitors got into a fight on the beach of Progreso, a fact that the passers-by recorded on their cell phones.

During that fight, no police showed up, so there were no arrests. But hours later, another fight started on the corner of Calle 19 with 76, but this time, municipal and state police agents arrived and arrested six people.

The second incident took place at 7:15 pm on Friday, April 15th, and all those involved were visibly drunk.

If the local authorities do not control the situation, these fights will continue in the port of Progreso.

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