Trans Community live a historic day: Pride Beach

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

The International Day of Transgender Visibility is an important commemoration of the fight against sexual orientation, highlighted Silvio Hernández Hernández, from the Playa Pride association, who this Thursday, along with other groups, held a peaceful march in Playa del Carmen in honor of this day, which is celebrated every March 31.

Hernández Hernández pointed out that this march is a celebration of all the recognition that has been achieved, the corresponding national and visibility achievements so that society in general understands, accepts “and breaks taboos regarding who trans people are.”

“We want to break stigmas regarding the fact that the trans community is made visible at a social level and in journalistic media as people who dedicate themselves to a single activity, to a single dignified and respectful profession, however, we also have to give visibility to these men and women. trans women who are doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, activists, and more because they already have a strong presence in our society”, said the activist.

He argued that this is a day in which civil society supports trans unity, where all groups and associations that fight for human rights join the trans community symbolically marching and walking alongside them to achieve the respect that they have historically fought so hard to have.

“It is the first peaceful walk in support of the trans community of Playa del Carmen, today everything that happens is the first time that it will happen and it will set a precedent for future years where this date is to be maintained,” he said.

He stressed that today the work of trans activists and that of all those who have fallen during the fight for their rights is already recognized.

He pointed out that this is a historic moment for Playa del Carmen: “it is a very important moment because in past years the trans community wanted to celebrate this day publicly but it had not been possible, and on this occasion, the trans community finally joined together and asked for the support of groups and associations and made this historic event possible”.

The Yucatan Times



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