(Photo: Sipse)

A visitor to the port of Progreso, who came to the beach on the last day of the Easter holiday season, was about to become another number in the statistics of drowning, which is recorded during the holiday period.

(Sipse).- The man, who flatly refused to give his name to the authorities, was visibly drunk and, without knowing how to swim, entered the choppy sea of ​​the port, in the area between the Chocolate and Arcos piers, and was dragged by the current and rolled over by the strong waves that pulled him away from the shore and prevented him from returning to the beach.

Given this situation, two people tried to rescue him, but they also had to be supported by Red Cross rescuers who came to their aid.

The man was duly rescued and was taken to the mainland thanks to the support of police officers, lifeguards, and paramedics from Progreso, with the Red Cross medical assistants providing first aid to stabilize him and make him react after almost drowning.

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