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The price of lemon in Yucatán finally starts to decrease

by Yucatan Times
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In Yucatan, the price of lemon dropped. After a sustained rise of almost 100 percent in the cost of the fruit, in markets and supermarkets, it is regularized little by little, especially when it is purchased wholesale in the Merida supply centers.

(TYT).- It was found that the amount for a kilo of sour lemon ranged between 39 and 45 pesos in various establishments in the city; while the Persian was quoted at an average of 50 pesos, 15 pesos less than the 65 pesos it reached at the end of February.

As for the boxes, or sacks as the case may be, let us remember that the price reached 950 pesos in the Central de Abastos. Today its price is between 400 and 500 pesos depending on the species of the fruit and its quality.

There are even individuals who chose to venture into the sale of the so-called “green gold” and offer a kilo of small seedless lemon at 35 pesos and a box of 20 kilos at 600. In the case of the large lemon, the kilo amounts to 40 pesos. ; and the box at 700 pesos.

Bidders from the Casa del Pueblo -in the center of the Yucatecan capital- celebrated the drop in the price of lemons, because as we have reported, several of them faced the need to market inferior quality products, reducing their profits.

Given the decrease in the price of this citrus fruit, it is already possible to observe a greater influx of merchants from other industries -especially restaurant owners- in the supply centers. The lemon will return to the tables of its establishments.

At Tekax, more than 200 producers participated in the training workshop for the Comprehensive Management of Persian Lemons, which took place on March 31 and April 1. Its purpose was to improve the production of fruit in the south of the state.

The head of the Rural Development Secretariat (Seder), Jorge Díaz Loeza, recognized the efforts of those who are dedicated to this activity because, with the pandemic, the storms, and floods that affected the Peninsula, the production of several fruits was interrupted.

From the “Ricardo Palmerín” Convention Center it was announced that, in 2020, 4 thousand 700 hectares were planted, with about 80 thousand tons; and in 2021, it increased to 5,550, with 97,000, so the increase was 18 percent.

“Significant growth, which is generating employment and economic development in the municipality; therefore, the land and cultivation must be improved, and, therefore, the importance of this workshop to learn about new planting techniques and plant care, ”he stressed.

For his part, Mayor Diego Ávila Romero commented that the southern zone is the supports the supply of this good, since more than 60 percent of the total production of the region comes from there, which represents an important income for the state and a lot of families.

In turn, César Cortés Bello, National President of the Persian Lime Product System, reported that Yucatan is making progress and, proof of this, is that it already has 12 packers, as a result of the efforts of the executive, which continues to work hand in hand with people.

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