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The month of March left 62 homicides in Quintana Roo, 25 more than in February

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Six cities in Quintana Roo registered murders during the month of March, two of them, in which the most homicides were recorded, are in the north of the State

(Por Esto).- Students, taxi drivers, workers, businessmen, tourist service providers, and a foreigner were part of the 62 victims of intentional homicide that crime in Quintana Roo claimed in the month that just ended, among them, three women and three minors; while the previous month, the figure was 37.

Members of the State Police were also included in the list of homicides in Cancun, as an agent of the municipal police was shot dead near his home.

In Playa del Carmen, historical figures were recorded, with five people being murdered in a single day; subsequently, a wave of attacks on stores continued to cause fear among merchants, locals, and visitors.

Part of the scenarios that those responsible used to publicize their crimes was the entrance of a public elementary school, where children 10 years old and under, not surprisingly, observed the handcuffed corpse of a man, who remained for about three hours lying on the sidewalk before the police came to see what was happening.

13 detained murderers confessed in Quintana Roo during March, some said they did it under the influence of drugs and others claim it was them or us. Besides, dismembered and clandestinely buried several bodies were found almost on a daily basis, it seems like one day is more violent than the previous in Quintana Roo, and the viciousness with which crimes are carried out is scary.

Men, women, and children witnessed the 62 homicides, whose main line of investigation is the relationship with organized crime, 12 more compared to March 2021, when despite the confinement due to the health contingency, crime continued to outpace the authorities and left 50 dead.

In the last 31 days, some of the victims were shot to death outside their homes or while driving, other bodies appeared scattered in bags abandoned on public roads, and some were even tortured after being deprived of their liberty and then thrown away in the middle of irregular settlements.

It is no longer surprising for the inhabitants of one of the hot spots of violence in Cancun to live near a clandestine cemetery, which was discovered once the alleged murderers arrested confessed their crimes.

For the people who live in that area, it was to be expected that, near their homes, a home would be used as a safe house, where people were kept in captivity, and in many cases, these people end up cruelly murdered, and buried in one of these properties.

In addition to these homicides, criminals as a “warning”, even for the Quintana Roo Police, shot at people, 26 managed to survive these attacks, including four minors, who, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, were hit by a stray bullet.

Sector Commander in Cancún, who was on vacation with his family, was shot three times in the back while a few meters from his home, in the Villas del Mar subdivision, at Superblock 248.

Attacks by “the right of the floor”
In other armed attacks, 16 establishments, whose managers are allegedly victims of the charge for flat rights, suffered damage and three people were injured, including four bars in Playa del Carmen.

The first week there were eight executions, among which was a minor under 17 years of age.

The authorities were not alerted to anything that was going on, not only in the regions or neighborhoods indicated as red dots, where police strategies have not produced results, but also in the first squares of Cancún, Tulum and Solidaridad.

The violent day of the month culminated in the murder of a man last night, who while repairing a car outside a home, at Supermanzana 75 in Cancun, was attacked with bullets. At least two wounds to the head were those that blinded his life, consummating the 62nd execution of the month and the 132nd so far this year in Quintana Roo. Of those executed, 10 died after being tortured, 13 were dismembered and 39 were shot.

One of the cases that caused outrage in Cancun was that of two minors under 16 years of age, shot when they arrived at their home in the Villas Otoch Paraíso subdivision, on Supermanzana 259. The adolescents, who had invited a young woman out, They ended up dead because the woman was related to members of a criminal cell in Quintana Roo, who killed them in revenge.

While in Playa del Carmen, last Thursday the 24th, historical figures were recorded when four men were found dead, with visible signs of violence, in Villas del Sol and a fifth bagged body was located hours later; the sound of gunshots, or the cries for help from a victim was what warned the inhabitants that a crime had been committed, most of whom remain unpunished.

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