The construction of the new “Central Park” kicks off in Merida

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The Mérida City Council invests in the construction of public spaces and works designed and managed in conjunction with the community in order to improve and innovate new practices that generate well-being, with the aim of privileging the safe coexistence and contributing to the creation of social cohesion in the Municipality, assured Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

(TYT).- “In Mérida, we not only need to invest in the generation of housing, but also in spaces for coexistence, spaces where we not only think about those who live in the area, it is an integral work; so that together, the Municipal Government, the State Government, businessmen, and residents, we can generate that social fabric that has made Mérida remain one of the five best cities in the country”, declared the mayor.

Barrera Concha led the start of the construction of the “Central Park”, which will be located in the Gran Santa Fe Norte subdivision, a project that will be carried out by the Residential Development Group (Grupo Promotora Residencial).

This park will have a length of four wooded hectares, with multiple amenities and attractions that will make it unique in its kind in Mérida, it will be the “heart” of the third stage of the Gran Santa Fe Norte housing development, located behind the convent of the between the Periferico exits to Dzityá and Caucel.

In this context, the mayor of Merida mentioned that this innovative design of the “Central Park” of Promotora Residencial, has as one of its main characteristics to place people at the center of its development, in addition to adding to the public policies of sustainability. of the City Council that seeks to improve the quality of life and well-being of Merida families.

“Today the people who live or come to live in Mérida community, recreational spaces, where they can ride a bicycle and exercise, so this place will be one of the most important parks in Mérida since it is placed in the middle of one of the city’s most wooded areas”, he pointed out.

“This project privileges security, which is a community asset that we must preserve and work hard to preserve because a safe city is not the one with the largest number of police officers, but the one with the best surveillance and care, and the degree of community development of its inhabitants”, the mayor continued.

In his speech, Armando Palma Peniche, president of the Residential Development Group Council, stated that the union between the business sector and the Government is crucial for the sustainable development of the Municipality and for maintaining the quality of life that the people of Merida are used to.

“We as entrepreneurs in the housing sector have the obligation, not only to build houses but to work in coordination with the Municipal Government so that the residents have all the public services, recreational spaces, and security necessary because only in this way can we maintain Mérida as a peaceful city where people can live in harmony,” Mayor Renan Barrera concluded.

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