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Suicide is a public health problem in Campeche 25 cases have been registered in three months

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Suicides are moving from being a mental illness to a public health problem, assured the member of the College of Psychologists of the State of Campeche, Hugo Barrera Lao, given the frequency with which this situation is occurring, since, only in So far this 2022, there are 25 suicides confirmed by the expert authorities, 3 more cases of suicide than in the first three months of 2021.

This figure represents an increase of 13.64 percent compared to those that occurred in the same period, but from 2021, January, February, and March of last year, there was a register of 22 self-inflicted deaths, a situation that so far in the first quarter of this year was already surpassed by 3 cases.

In the year 2021, the 22 suicides registered in the Campeche entity were: six in January, five in February, and 11 in March; In 2022, the number of self-inflicted deaths has increased considerably, compared to the 106 deaths that were registered last year, this first quarter already covered 23.58 percent of the last annual figure.

He referred that, on various occasions or moments, the person with a suicidal mentality presents signs of this condition, such as withdrawing from living with friends who used to frequent each other, as well as threats of self-aggression, to the point of presenting signs of self-flagellation. , which are also externalized in the environment that surrounds them.

One of the symptoms that are most frequently expressed is the low tolerance towards frustration; This behavior can be dragged by the subject in question since childhood, a situation that is complicated when the person reaches adolescence since at that moment the young person begins to define the personality that he will have in his adult stage.

There is a variation between people who notify or not when they have made the decision to take their own lives, this depends on the personality, to which the psychologist gave as an example the cases of some artists who showed signs of happiness, and despite them, the few days ended with his life.

But there is also the case of people who unconsciously make these behaviors known, which, if detected, can be
intervened and receive the corresponding psychiatric accompaniment.

The last record of suicide in Campeche happened on March 30, 2022, in the Cumbres neighborhood of this capital city, where a young man identified as Juan CPP, 32 years old, made this decision.

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