Successful double kidney transplant performed at IMSS Clinic in Yucatan

(Photo: Sipse)

They waited more than seven years for a kidney transplant and the donation was finally made at the IMSS Yucatan.

Two patients finally received the miracle they were waiting for and now they will have a better quality of life thanks to the will of the people who decide to donate their organs.

Through a statement, the IMSS Yucatán reported that on Friday, April 1st, surgical operations were carried out so that the beneficiaries receive this vital organ and thus gradually improve their quality of life.

Both organs were transferred from an IMSS Quintana Roo hospital and received by the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) of Mérida, where the operations were carried out satisfactorily.

The agency reported that the kidney transplants were received by two male patients, one 47 and the other 28 years old. The first was waiting to receive a transplant for seven years and four months and was receiving peritoneal dialysis treatment; while the second waited seven years and three months and was on hemodialysis.

So far this year, the UMAE Mérida has performed 11 kidney transplants, six from cadaveric donors and five from living donors.

Do you want to be a volunteer organ donor?
The IMSS Yucatan reiterated that organ and tissue donations improve the quality of life of people waiting for a transplant.

Therefore, if you wish to be a voluntary donor of organs and tissues, you can consult the donation protocols on the website of the National Transplant Center: or visit the IMSS page in the link: in order to register as an interested person and be accredited as a voluntary donor.

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