Students demand better public transportation conditions in the Mérida

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

The Student Federation of Yucatan (FEDY) maintains a constant dialogue with state authorities and the Yucatan Urban Transportation System (SITUR) to guarantee decent transportation for the student community.

They demand modern units, a decent, efficient transportation system, so they can reach their destinations safely.

At the beginning of 2022, two Mérida public transport buses caught fire in the middle of the street, while they were circulating with passengers on board. This “turns on the red lights” on the conditions of the collective transport system, according to civic groups.

The students ask that the authorities carry out an urgent verification of all transport units, in order to avoid accidents that endanger citizens. In addition to verifying the state of the finances of the concessionaire companies and creating financing mechanisms for the improvement of the service, so as not to increase the rates.

On March 4, students and university leaders took to the streets again to demand from the State Government decent public transport, with better units, more routes, that are not slow, that do not put their lives in danger, that respect the healthy distance, and that allows them to arrive on time to their classes.

With banners in hand and slogans, the young people marched through the streets of Mérida, as had not been seen in recent times. Their protest was added to the voice of thousands of citizens, who agree with the terrible conditions in which most of the buses are found, the mistreatment, and the poor design of the routes, among other serious problems.

Salma Alcocer Can, president of the FEDY, acknowledged that as students, the group is aware of this problem, which is why they have intervened as mediators between the student community and the authorities to find solutions.

The leader explained that they have presented their concerns to SITUR in a meeting they had two weeks ago, and they are already analyzing better and more routes, depending on the peak hours where there is more demand for students.

“We are looking for these strategies to be able to increase the routes, there are schedules where there are several routes but there is no demand and vice versa”; she indicated. It is a red light that indicates that the schedules have to be changed, she added.

Although the panorama is the same for all the schools of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), and of other institutions, where the situation is worse, he indicated, is the campus of Social Sciences, Economic-Administrative, and Humanities, located on Motul road.

The student organization, she affirmed, has maintained communication since its last meeting with the transport authorities so that they meet their demands, they hope that they will soon finish their analyzes and thus make the pertinent modifications.

“The aim is to support all students in the state in general,” she said. “The federation is committed to all students and we have been present in what they demand of us and we continue to give continuity to their demands,” she concluded.

The Yucatan Times