Starting Monday, April 4th, full capacity will be allowed at businesses and massive events in Yucatán

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

This next Monday, April 4th, businesses of all kinds, as well as massive and social events, will increase their capacity to 100 percent and will extend their hours of operation, in accordance with the original operating license they have, this was reported by the Ministry of Health of Yucatán (SSY).

(SSY).- Despite the fact that the epidemiological traffic light is green, the state agency reiterated its call to Yucatecans not to lower their guard and continue with sanitary measures such as the mandatory use of face masks for the entire population, including those already vaccinated; healthy distance and hand washing. Regarding people who have not received their vaccine or booster, the health authorities invited them and their families to get vaccinated.

In the medical part of Thursday, March 31, the agency reported that it began the application of the booster dose for adolescents aged 12 to 17 with comorbidities in the municipalities of Mérida, Valladolid, Tizimín, Izamal, Maxcanú, Tekax, and Oxkutzcab. The vaccination process for people between 18 and 39 years of age from 22 municipalities in the interior of the state also continued until Friday, April 1st.

In Mérida, 68,566 people infected with coronavirus have been diagnosed (accumulated cases as of March 30).

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