Stage collapses in bullfight and puts the lives of attendees at risk in Dzoncauich, Yucatan

(Photo: Por Esto)

A bullfighting event in Dzoncauich, Yucatan, was about to end in tragedy; fortunately no one resulted injured after the collapse of a structure due to the overcrowding on its platform.

(TYT).- The bullfight that took place in the bullring of Dzoncauich, Yucatan, was about to end up in tragedy when the structure holding the stands broke causing the people who were there to leave in terror.

At a given moment, who narrated the events of the bullfight, noticing that a stage had problems with its wooden structure, asked those present to clear the affected area calmly and in order, the announcer requested.

“Calm down, please, don’t push each other,” he said, while the bull was inside the ring and before the cry of despair of all those present.

The owner of the stage went to the place to try to control the situation and thus avoid fatal consequences since that part of the stage was affected by the number of people there.

After the incident, the bull was roped and climbed back onto a truck, while the affected area of ​​the stage was cordoned off to prevent people from going up again, but the bullfight continued despite what happened.

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