Scholarships are granted to Yucatecan students who study at the Autonomous University of Chapingo

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Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the rector of that house of studies, José Solís Ramírez, signed a collaboration agreement that will also allow students to carry out their social service and professional practices in the state administration offices related to their areas.

(TYT).- April 5, 2022.- Yucatecan students who carry out their preparation at the Yucatan campus of the Autonomous University of Chapingo will be able to receive scholarships from the State Government to continue with their studies, while they will have the opportunity to carry out their social service and professional internships in state administration agencies linked to agricultural, livestock and biological areas, to complement their training, after the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the rector of Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo, José Solís Ramírez, signed an agreement of collaboration.

The document signed by Vila Dosal and Solís Ramírez contemplates the promotion of scholarship plans and economic resources granted by the State Government to support the preparation of students and continue strengthening ties between the entity and this Institution.

Similarly, this instrument establishes cooperation to implement mechanisms and actions that motivate Yucatecan women towards degrees in engineering and other bachelors related to scientific, technological, and innovation development, in areas related to biology, agriculture, livestock, and the environment.

As well as collaboration in the development of schemes for the improvement of productive soils with biofertilizers, as well as forest regeneration with silvopastoral, integrated agricultural and sustainable forestry systems.

On behalf of the UACH, the general academic director, Humberta Gloria Calyecac Cortero; the general director of research and postgraduate studies, Arturo Hernández Montes; and the person in charge of the general management of the University Board of Trustees, Otilio García Munguía.

While, from the State Government, the heads of the Secretariats of Sustainable Development, Sayda Melina Rodríguez Gómez; of Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Mauricio Cámara Leal; and of Rural Development, Jorge Díaz Loeza.

As part of this collaboration, it was established that each of the parties, within the scope of their powers, will promote projects and other joint work in their areas of common interest.

It should be remembered that as part of the efforts in higher education, science, research, and technological development are being strengthened for young people and proof of this are the 3 Laboratories recently installed at the Polytechnic University of Yucatan (UPY) and the Metropolitan Technology University (UTM), created focused on the aeronautical industry and Industry 4.0, and equipped with state-of-the-art tools.

With these 3 Laboratories, Yucatan is positioned as a spearhead in the development of the southeast of the country by joining the collaboration platform between Mexico and France for Innovation and Industrial Design oriented to the aeronautical sector.

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