Runaway teenager who escaped home violence is found in Valladolid

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A 16-year-old adolescent, who left her home in Valladolid on March 5, and who after a month was reported by her mother, M.E.C.C., as missing, is well and reports not having been the victim of any crime. The young S.J.D.C. was located at the home of her 40-year-old aunt A.C.C., by agents of the State Investigative Police (PEI) of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), in coordination with the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping of the Attorney General’s Office of the State (FGE).

The girl’s aunt stated that the minor appeared this Tuesday at her home, also in Valladolid, and told her that she had been in Tulum, Quintana Roo, since she voluntarily left her house on March 5, due to conflicts with her relatives.

When the young woman was located, the Amber Alert that had been issued for her alleged disappearance was deactivated.

Once the investigating agents confirmed that she was physically well and that she said she had not suffered any aggression, she was transferred to the company of her relatives to the Public Ministry for the legal proceedings.

The Attorney for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Prodennay) also intervened in the case.

In another case, accused of sexual abuse, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) formulated the imputation of the crime to J.A.U.S., denounced after the events that occurred over the weekend aboard a truck, where he lasciviously touched his victim when he was about to get off the transport service, for which he was arrested and sent to prison.

At the hearing held at the Mérida Oral Justice Center, the defendant’s arrest was declared legal, who was identified by the victim as his aggressor when he was about to get off the truck on 96th Street (also identified as Colonias Circuit). from the Sambulá neighborhood, for which he requested the help of agents from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), who arrested the accused and turned him over to the FGE, where the integration of the corresponding investigation folder began.

Once the complaint was filed, the specialists of the Prosecutor’s Office integrated the folder, which was prosecuted under criminal case 127/2022, where it is established that the events occurred on April 22, as indicated by the affected person, who was touched by improperly by the defendant when he was sitting behind her, in front of the door to get off the truck.

Before the end of the judicial proceeding, this social representation presented the arguments to support the request for the precautionary measure of justified preventive detention, which was granted by the Control judge for the entire duration of the process, for which the accused will remain deprived of his liberty until his participation in the denounced events is clarified.

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