Progreso registers an important economic recovery during Semana Santa

(Photo: La Jornada Maya)

The mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías, reported that the main port of the Yucatecan entity has received an average of 250 people per minute on these days of Holy Week.

“We are very happy to welcome all the families who come to spend their days off with us,” the mayor said.

“People visit estuaries, restaurants, boardwalks, and attractions, and the population continues working in favor of the economic reactivation, but keeping public spaces clean, “taking care of Progreso is everyone’s task,” Julián Zacarías continued.

The City Council of the port announced that during Holy Week, the Ecological Police Unit maintained surveillance and protection activities with two channels, one on land, the other one on the sea, with the priority of taking care of the ecosystem.

In addition, the Progreso municipal authorities, in coordination with the Red Cross, conducted tours of the boardwalk and surrounding areas to prevent any accidents.

For any report or emergency, the mayor of Progreso invites the population to call (969) 103 62 86.

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