Progreso registered an influx of 250 people per minute during the weekend

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

In this Holy Week Operation, we have carried out various activities to reinforce security and prevention measures throughout the municipality, in order to guarantee public order.

So far we have registered the visit of at least 250 people per minute, both in the municipal seat and in the police stations, visitors who will be touring our entire municipality, enjoying the beaches, estuaries, restaurants, boardwalks, and attractions that we have to offer, for which lines of action were deployed from an early hour, on various fronts to achieve coverage of the areas with the most influx.

For its part, the Public Security Directorate of the Municipal Police (DSPT) carried out an operation with 30 elements that walked both boardwalks on foot to provide assistance or social work, likewise, the security of passers-by was reinforced with patrols and tours in the police stations

For its part, the Police Station Unit participated in coordination with the Red Cross Progreso delegation, who made the Rescue and Rapid Intervention Unit available to the public, temporary aid stations, and the collaboration of 13 Paramedic elements for land support.

Elements of the Ecological Police Unit took on the task of monitoring the tourist areas of Progreso, as well as the beaches of Chuburná, Chelem, and Chicxulub, a total of 36 elements presented themselves to verify that people respect natural public spaces, In addition to supervising the restrictions on introducing alcoholic beverages on the boardwalks outside the permitted hours.

While the Directorate of Public Services reinforced its garbage collection work with the duplication of personnel, who covered key areas such as the first square of the city, the tourist walkway, both boardwalks, and the hotel zones.

The PROLIMPIA Solid Waste Management and Collection Directorate covered its usual service at the Chelem and Chuburná Puerto, Coastal Zone, Oriente 2 and Poniente 2, Comercial, and Centro (Including both boardwalks), starting with tours from 7:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. It is important to emphasize that during the holiday season and from Thursday to Sunday, an additional route will be implemented in the evening shift from 5 to 11:30 pm, this route covers both boardwalks, 21st Street, the entire first block of the city, as well as streets surrounding the House of Culture.

Another of the lines that were activated in this Easter operation was the Blue flag module, with the presence of lifeguards and staff from the tourist secretariat to take care of users, in addition to providing tourist and important information for the visitor and the attention of our Inclusive Beach, the first in all of Yucatan, which has amphibious chairs and cares for people with some type of motor disability and the elderly.

Given the good results, Mayor Julián Zacarías stated: “We are very happy to receive all the families who come to spend their days off with us, thus reaffirming that our beaches are one of the favorite destinations in Yucatan.” Likewise, he explained that the economic benefit that will be produced from these activities will benefit several sectors, such as small and medium businesses, tourist activities such as sport fishing, lodging, tourist tours, and activities focused on tourism, which will be will translate into the impulse of progressive families, which as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, were affected.

Together we will continue working for Progreso. Any service report from the ecological police 969 103 62 86, municipal police 999 359 03 69 or, if applicable, the PROLIMPIA number 9993 62 60 77.

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