Police prevent tragedy on El Cuyo beach

(Photo: El Diario de Yucatán)

A young resident of Quintana Roo was saved from drowning when he went swimming in the sea of El Cuyo, in Tizimín. A family member and a police officer managed to rescue him.

Around 4:00 p.m., José Isaí H. M., 21 years old, entered the sea of El Cuyo, when suddenly he began to drown, and as he could, he screamed for help.

An agent of the Municipal Police of Tizimín and the young man’s relative entered the sea and took him to the shore of the beach, where the uniformed man gave him first aid and managed to stabilize him.

The bather was approached by the police unit and transferred to the General Hospital “San Carlos” for better medical care.

Fortunately, the young man is in good health now, thanks to the quick actions of the police officer and one of the man’s relatives.

TYT Newsroom

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